018Lake Como is the ideal place for a holiday or a weekend trip devoted to relax, sports and well-being surrounded by Nature and beautiful villas. Set between the majestic Alps and the Po river plains, the Lake Como area offers a wide variety of landscapes, villages and dwellings.

The lake, of glacial origin, is obviously the centerpiece of the whole area. 46 km long, it has a surface of 146 square kilometers and with its maximum depth of 410 m it is the deepest lake in Europe. Surrounded by parks and pictoresque villages which still maintain their ancient traditions, Lake Como displays on its shores the legacy of an illustrious past: the luxurious villas that once belonged to Lombard aristocracy.

Lake Como can be admired at best by climbing up the hills surrounding the lake and looking down at the water expanse : dotted with boats and sails, or directly from the lake, taking a tour on of the many ships that sail its waters.

The mild climate, repaired from cold winds, supports a luscious Mediterranean vegetation. Dominant winds on the lake are the northerly Tivano in the mornings and the southerly Breva, a typical thermal wind blowing from noon till sunset. These winds mitigate the heat during summer days and offer the perfect environment for windsurfing, sailing and kite-surfing.